FOTBAL PARK DYMNÍK is the first certified footballgolf course in Czech republic and is located in close of our pension and restaurant.

Fotbalpark offers two options - FUN course and PROFI course, both 18-hole. Therefore you have an option to have fun with your family or to compete with your friends. The difference is in lengh and difficulty of obstacles.   

Course is designed considering rules of World Footballgolf Association and Czech Footballgolf Association granted a licence. Thanks to the licence we are allowed to hold CFGA tournaments and also international tournaments. 

  • Footballgolf is young fast growing sport for all ages - from children to seniors. 
  • It's played on course similar to golf on 2,5ha - 5 ha area. 
  • Course has 18 holes with lenght from 25 m to 200 m. 
  • There are natural and artificial obstacles on each hole, similar to minigolf. 
  • Footballgolf is played with classic football and the goal is to get the ball to the hole with as few kicks as possible. 

Find more information on the website of the course

  • Footballgolf - photogallery

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